Visit to Hesketh Outmarsh 13th December 2016

By | December 21, 2016

Five members of the group attended this visit.  The weather was mostly cloudy and fine but with a few showers and (even fewer) sunny intervals.  The visit coincided with high tide and there were large flocks of geese, ducks and waders.  Unfortunately the hazy conditions made it difficult to identify all the species present.

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Species Number Seen
Blackbird Several
Black-headed Gull Hundreds
Buzzard 1
Canada Goose 1000+
Carrion Crow Many
Chaffinch A few
Coot 1
Cormorant A few
Curlew A few
Fieldfare Many
Gadwall A few
Great Black-backed Gull 3
Grey Heron A few
Herring Gull A few
Kestrel 1
Lapwing 1000+
Linnet c40
Little Egret 1
Magpie Several
Mallard Many
Marsh Harrier 2
Mute Swan 5
Pheasant c12
Pink-footed Goose Hundreds
Raven 1
Redshank Hundreds
Reed Bunting c10
Robin A few
Shelduck Many
Shoveler 5
Teal Hundreds
Wigeon Hundreds
Woodpigeon c20
Wren Heard only

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