The Mersey Chemical Industry

By | February 7, 2016

Wednesday, 3 February 2016 – The Development of the Mersey Chemical Industry – Paul Davies

One of our own members, Paul was a senior manager in the Health and Safety Executive. Since retiring he has taken a great interest in the Chemical Industry on Merseyside. He illustrated his talk with nuggets of information that only a keen researcher would have known. Superb!

Paul has a ‘soft-spot’ for the Merseyside Chemical Industry. science-20160124-mersey-chemicalsIt was where he got his first proper job and where he met his wife, Sheila, when they both worked for Unilever at Port Sunlight. In the 1980s whilst working for the HSE, he visited some of the largest chemical works on Merseyside as part of his work to model the effects on the public of large accidental releases of toxic gases like Chlorine. It was then he realised how little he knew of why and how such a large industry came to be on Merseyside.

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