Stroke Risk

By | August 31, 2019

Are you at increased risk of stroke?  Take our 30-Second Test.
We recently had a visit by the NHS Innovations Agency to our U3A Science Group.  They demonstrated a simple diagnostic tool (the Diagnostick!) which can pick up an irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation or AF).
AF is a common complaint but one which can increase the risk of stroke in the older age group by five times, therefore identifying people at risk is very important. In many cases simple medication can be effective for the condition.
If you would like to be tested using this hand-held device, Joy Taylor, one of our U3A members will be at the Horizons coffee mornings on 5th September & 5th December (Speaker Meeting Days) and hopefully some Horizons in-between.  Alternatively if you would like your Group to be tested, then Joy is happy to come along to your usual meeting point when contacted by the Group Leader.
Joy can be contacted on 01695 423694.