“Special Earth” – the Scientific case

By | October 29, 2017

Wednesday 4th October – “Special Earth” – the Scientific case – Edmund Moynihan

Edmund prepared a version of this talk for Southport Astronomical Society, so we were delighted to receive a preview.

His Special Earth presentation covered:

  • The Solar System
  • Recent discoveries about exo-planets, etc
  • The history of astro-biology
  • Mars as a case study
  • The special characteristics of Earth e.g. plate tectonics
  • A quick survey of Earth’s geological history
  • Earth’s biology e.g. the origin of life
  • The scientific and philosophical conclusions of Earth’s special status e.g. the principle of plenitude is wrong!

As always, Edmund presented his talk with some superb slides and elaborated his points with a wide-ranging and well researched brief. We certainly enjoyed an interesting, informative, and thought-provoking afternoon.