September dances

By | October 7, 2019

Leading down, then they’ll be casting back….


  • Liberty from the Yorktown Victory Ball 1781. A 3 couple dance.
  • Trip to Sheringham a square set 4 couple dance.
  • The Jackdaw a Scottish 4 couple dance.
  • Bells of Oxford a longways dance.
  • (The) Irish Lamentation a longways dance from the Walsh Collection 1735.
  •  Whibsy Roundabout a circular dance by Gary Roodman 1995. A big favourite, everyone is moving all the time! We got a bit stuck when we danced this in August last year but cracked it straight off today ⭐️.
  • The Dutch House a longways dance.


  • Lead through and cast away a 3 couple dance.
  • The Healing Touch choreography by Ron Coxall, a 4 couple dance.
  • The Introduction a 4 couple dance by Fried de Metz Herman 1999. We did this 3 times to perfect it,  a lovely dance but quite difficult.
  • The Doldrums a 4 couple square set dance. From The Maggot Pie Collection 1797 (ref. Colin Hulme)
  • Trip to Sheringham a 4 couple dance.


  • Brighton le Sands a June Jones longways dance.
  • Sion House pub.Playford 1701, longways dance.
  • Newsham Review another June Jones dance, for 3 couples.
  • Conwy Castle a longways dance by Tom Harnden.
  • A School for Scandal a 3 couple dance from 1778.
  • Rostillion a longways dance from 1726 by John & William Neil.
  • Lord Caernarvon’s Jig dance for 4 couples. Adapted by Cecil Sharpe 1910.

We did a lot of dancing today to build an appetite for our enjoyable ‘Summer lunch’. Our thanks to June for organising it. So nice to see a few former dancers.

27.09.19 Elfrida recorded the dances. Thanks to her. Just a select 8 dancers today.

  • Prince of Wales Fancy from 1792, we were wondering which future King this referred to, danced twice.
  • Star Of Kintra a Trevor Monson dance from 2004. Kintra a settlement on the N.W coast of the Ross of Mull. Loads of practice at this dance, but eventually perfected it.⭐️
  • Upton Priory a waltz rhythm, some gypsy moves & slow changes but again cracked it in the end.⭐️
  • Lastly  The Doldrums, see 13. 09.

An enjoyable if brain taxing & physical morning!