Policies and Procedures

Aughton & Ormskirk U3A has developed policies and procedures covering the following areas:

Policy area Policy/Procedure Downloadable Forms
Premises Hire of Premises policy n/a
Expenses Expenses policy Payment form
Petty Cash Petty Cash policy Payment form
Functions & Events Function/Event Funding policy Payment form
Short courses, Visits & Holidays Short courses/Visits/Holidays Funding policy Payment form
Assets & Equipment Assets and equipment Equipment Request Form
Advertising Advertising Policy n/a


  1. Several expense / payment claim forms have recently been combined into a single ‘Payment’ form as listed in the table above.
  2. This new form can also be obtained from the Treasurer Desk at Horizons on a Thursday morning
  3. The policy files in the above table may now need updating and are under review by the Treasurer / Finance & Resources Subcommittee.