October dances including ‘June’s Master Class’

By | October 25, 2019

4.10.19 Elfrida recording.

‘June’s Master Class’ by default. We must nearly all have decided to holiday at the same time as only 3 dancers were present today, hence the 2 couple dance ‘Master Class’. It certainly tested June’s ability to improvise & succeed! Well done dancers and June.

  • Handle with Care 2 couples facing each other, music by Handel.
  • Hoop’t Petticoat 2 couple longways from 1726.
  • Improvised by June for 2 couples – a slip jig renamed ‘June rejigged’. To the music Yellow stockings.
  • Cobblers Hornpipe, a longways reel in triple time so counting in 6s.
  • Turn of the Tide, another adaptation for 2 couples, 1s improper & having a lovely solo part leading down, then reversing, then leading up & reversing.
  • then Handle with Care again, by request.

⭐️ for June, what a talented teacher we are lucky to have, able to adapt such dances ‘off the top of her head’ so to speak.

11.10.19 Back to normal numbers today!

  • Greenwich Hospital a longways dance from 1718 pub. Playford.
  • The Haymarket, a play on hay/hey as this dance included a Morris Hey and a Grimstock Hey. A 3 couple dance.
  • The Leaving of Liverpool. Called by John & danced twice.
  • Cobblers Hornpipe, dance for 3 couples as it should be – see above.
  • Come let’s be Merry another 3 couple dance from 1727 pub. John Young.


  • Zephyrs and Flora a longways dance from The Walsh collection 1715.
  • Sir Watkin’s Jig for 3 couples danced twice.
  • Stafford Castle a contemporary Naomi Alexander longways dance. We had limited success; to dance again with alternative music?
  • Alice another contemporary dance 2002, by Philippe Callens, waltz time & danced twice.
  • Namp(t)wich Fair longways from John Young’s Dancing Master 1726.

25.10.19 Birthday requests for Pat Mc.

  • Wooden Shoes longways dance.
  • She looked down her nose and sneered danced to a new tune.
  • Fittleworth Frolic a circular dance for 5 couples but we danced with 7, the men’s Star was a bit of a dash for the shorter legged dancers!
  • Hole in the Wall a triple time longways dance.
  • Mendocino Redwood written in Gary Roodman’s choreography class at English Week 2005 Mendocino Woodlands State Park.
  • finally Irish Lamentation.

Each year I count (roughly) all the different dances we have danced.

This year October 2018 – 2019, we danced – 178.

Most danced ;-

is – ⭐️ Namp(t)wich Fair

5 share the next place – Orange & Blue, Young Phyllis of Wakefield, Gasconne, Trip to Sheringham and Irish Lamentation.

10 share the next place – Farmer’s Joy, Roll the Line, Ladies of London, Rostillion, Whim of the Moment, A Fig f0r Bonaparte, Wibsey Roundabout, We will down with the French, The leaving of Liverpool and finally Wooden Shoes.

☹️ N.B. Unfortunately the front door will now be locked during classes. (so please arrive on time!) This is following some incidents.