Message From Your Retiring Science Group Management Team

By | May 8, 2021

We wrote to all Science Group members towards the end of March 2021 to advise that the existing Science Group leaders would be retiring and the group would need new leaders to continue. Thank you to all who replied, many with very complimentary messages, for which we are truly grateful. We ourselves have greatly enjoyed our 12-year tenure in charge and hope we have brought both pleasure and mental stimulation to all who attended the talks, visits, short courses, quizzes, competitions and experiments.

We also thank everyone for their attendance over the years – that is the reason we kept going for so long, and it was always rewarding to see so many turn up.  Attendance averaged 60 for the last 20 meetings prior to Covid-19, showing remarkable determination to keep up an interest in science whatever the weather, and whatever the topic. Members’ questions helped enliven the sessions and kept the speakers on their toes; indeed, the speakers always left with a very positive impression of our u3a.

Special thanks are due to all those who have played an active part in the monthly meetings, whether in organising and serving refreshments, putting chairs and tables out and tidying them away again, making sure everyone signed the register, or made sense of the microphone system!  And we can never forget the many members who planned, researched, rehearsed and delivered such a wide spectrum of talks, whether full length single topic ones, or sharing a platform on “my favourite element” sessions. Without all these contributions, we couldn’t have done it, and our members wouldn’t have enjoyed it!  So thanks to all once again.

A new team, comprising Bill Hale, Bill Soens, Peter Gateley and Colin Redwood, has volunteered to lead the group, on an interim basis, from September until Christmas 2021. We wish them every success, and hope that Science Group members will give them their full support.  Indeed, they will no doubt appreciate any offers of help which can be given in this venture.

With very best wishes to you all – stay safe, get your vaccinations and believe in science!

From Jack Brettle, Patsy Colvin, Marguerita McBride, Alan Nolan

Last Updated on May 19, 2022