Renewing Membership Online

By | February 13, 2018

Just a reminder that Membership renewal for 2018-19 was made available online (via our Beacon Membership system) from 18th February 2018.  The Membership Secretary emailed out details on the procedure, including appropriate links to Beacon, on 17th February.  If you cannot find that email, check out the Membership Renewal Online page on our U3A website.

You may still renew your membership by post or by using the renewal form included in the next magazine available at Horizons on 22nd February 2018. In addition to paying by cash or cheque at Horizons,  the Membership Desk there can now take payment by debit/credit card.

You may be aware that you can update your own membership information on our Beacon Membership system. You will find details on how to do this on the Membership – Joining and Renewing page on the U3A website.  Or you can go  direct to the Aughton & Ormskirk U3A Members Portal on Beacon.  Keeping your record up-to-date  is particularly important if you have moved house or changed your email address.  You can also still update your membership information via the usual methods eg at the Membership Desk at Horizons.