March, not very Springlike!

By | March 23, 2018


Today we danced:-

  • Nonesuch a 4 couple longways dance. Playford 1651 one of the first published.
  • The Mulberry Garden a longways dance. Playford 1670.
  •  The Soldier and the Sailor another longways dance.
  • Honeysuckle Cottage a contemporary dance from 2003 choreography Gary Roodman. In his classification this is one of his easier dances. I didn’t find it too easy!
  • Fittleworth Frolic a circular dance for 5 couples.

a lovely selection of names today.


  • Young Phyllis of Wakefield a longways dance.
  • Maiden Moor a 4 couple dance by Tom Cook & Brian Jenkins.
  • The Spring another traditional dance.  Thomas Bray 1699. The weather outside the hall was anything but Springlike & we didn’t have much Spring in our steps!
  • The Bonnie Broom a 4 couple dance.
  • Money in both pockets an early American dance about 1800.

16.03 2018 recorded by Elfrida.

We had 16 dancers again today.

  • Spanish Jig music was Strong roots by Bare Necessities. (June was celebrating footballing victory)
  • Kind & Easy from 1716, longways which was anything but kind & easy. Arranged by Andrew Shaw, danced twice.
  • June’s Challenge! a 4 couple set- Phoenix Rejuvenated, a Pat Shaw composition. Danced twice with slowed down music but we struggled with lots of 1/2 turns etc. Volunteers then danced it at the right speed.
  • Gray’s Inn Masque a 4 couple dance.
  • 1st. April to finish.

23.03.2018 some deferred Birthday requests & some of Elfrida’s new ones.

  • Spanish Jig (no footballing celebration today though) Walsh collection 1755.
  • Childgrove  1701 Playford with various reconstructions, a longways dance.
  • Trip to Bavaria a 4 couple dance, always a bit of a challenge but great when we get it right!
  • For Rebecca a square set dance.
  • The Devil’s Dream a longways dance, pretty fast, with lots to fit in. (even though June slowed it down)
  • A Lady Remembered a John Wood dance.

Please note, no dancing next week as it is Good Friday. Returning on Friday 6th. April.