Many dances in March….

By | April 4, 2019

    and under the Arch…..

Five Friday dance sessions in March with the addition of a joint dancing session with Upholland U3a country dancers.

1.03.19 Jim’s Birthday requests:-

  • Childgrove 1701 longways Playford dance with Cecil Sharpe reconstruction.
  • Geud man of Ballangigh a longways dance 1728.
  • Black Nagg a short sharp 3 couple dance from 1657, still popular after all these years.
  • and a more contemporary dance Marching to Praetorius by Gary Roodman 1996 a 2 couple square set dance.

and Marion’s Birthday request although Tim may have had some influence with the choice?

  • St. Swithin’s Day Hornpipe a 2 couple dance
  • Indian Queen a longways dance.
  • (The ) Whim of the moment this includes an Allemande dance figure. Longways dance published by Thompson 1791.

8.03.19 Elfrida recording. Some more of ? Marion’s Birthday requests

  • Welcome in the May longways, lots of double figure 8’s !!
  • Broom, the broom, the bonnie bonnie broom 4 couples longways. Playford style with starbursts.
  • Trip to Bavaria, another 4 couple dance, one of our favourites, another of Marion’s birthday choices. Lots of half turns and counting 4s for the beat. As June said we are getting better at this, so it’s not as much fun as the chaos it used to be!
  • Peace be with you a 1986 contemporary longways dance by Fried de Metz Herman.
  • Nonesuch, did it twice, 4 couple dance 1651.
  • Nampwich Fair, longways. A good session.


  • Young Phyllis of Wakefield 1714/15 dance with interpretation by Andrew Shaw.
  • A Lady Remembered a John Wood dance with a haunting tune. We remember the loss of former country dancers Mona, Chris, Rosemary and recently Barbara M. All lovely people and great characters.
  • Sailor’s Wives a 3 couple dance with Chevron figures.
  • Welcome in the May see last week.
  • Sea Breezes a June Jones 3 couple dance.
  • Gasconne a 1710 dance with contemporary interpretation by Pat Shaw.


  • Portsmouth ?1670/1701 longways Playford dance. Remember ‘the Billy Bunter theme tune’.
  • Revolution de la France a longways dance.
  • Captains Maggot a 3 couple dance from 1696.
  • Trip to the Dome a large circular contemporary dance.
  • Of Noble Race was Shinkin Playford 1698. Another mystifying title.
  • Kensington Court 1695 longways dance.

Many thanks to Upholland U3a Country dance group for inviting us to join them for more dancing on 26th. and many thanks to June for calling and to Frank & his fellow musicians for providing the lively LIVE MUSIC,

29.03.19 Elfrida’s Birthday requests:-

  • Orange and Blue a 3 couple dance.
  • Hen Run a longways dance, music and choreography by Bernard Bentley. (apologies for miss naming him in an earlier post)
  • Ranelagh Gardens longways dance.
  • Meillionen a 5 couple Welsh dance, giving particular importance to the steps.
  • The Disbanded Officer pub. by Playford 1787/89

and to end an enjoyable but busy month Spanish Jig longways 1721.