Let’s welcome in the May.

By | May 31, 2022

6th. May.

We welcomed in the May by updating our Group photographs. Many thanks to Adrienne and Frank

  • today’s dances:-
  • The whim of the moment 1791
  • Let’s welcome in the May a June Jones dance.
  • Indian Queen 1701, an old favourite.
  • Lord Caernavon’s Jig, a 4 couple dance
  • Irish Lamentation, a 1735 longways dance. Waltz time.
  • The Maid peeped out (at) the window, a 1651 traditional dance with lively music.
  • The Otters Pool another June Jones choreographed dance. (NB The Liverpool connection)

13th. May Elfrida recording.

  • Pilgarlic 3 couple longways x2.
  • April’s Lady 3 couple in circle formation (last of my Birthday requests)
  • New Exchange 3 couple Playford style with simultaneous corner crosses!
  • Brighton Review longways -a bit tricky with limited dancers.
  • Indian Queen 

20th. May Elfrida recording again.

  • St. Andrew’s gardens longways.
  • Which way now? A June Jones composition. 4 couple longways involved diagonals and stars, quite fun & easy, the music from Razzmatazz, tune Close Encounter.
  • Wibsey Roundabout – 5 couples in a circle, not done this for a while but we all managed.
  • Trip to Sheringham 4 couple square set x2
  • Auretti’s  Dutch Skipper longways.

27th. May

  • Prince Regent a 3 couple dance, with pousettes. 1811-1820 the Prince Regent for King George IV.
  • Which way now. See last week.
  • Delia (the amorous Goddess) 3 couple dance by Ellen Taylor. Elegant!
  • Double Jubilee a 3 couple Gary Roodman choreographed dance with music by Dave Weisler.x2.
  • (Pay) No Taxes 3 couple dance great tune.

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