June country dancing & a bit of May!

By | July 2, 2019

Oops…..see May, I missed the 31st May (as I wasn’t there) & had all the dates wrong, we appeared to be dancing on Saturdays not Fridays……apologies.

31. 05. 19 Elfrida recording.

  • Pilgarlic the bald man, danced x2
  • Merry Andrew, with half turns & both left & right diagonals. Both these dances practiced for a big Birthday event in July.
  • Lady Lucy’s Maggot – a new dance. Nice dance with a bit of a challenge, nick named ‘a pousette sandwich’.  A June Jones composition & Lady Lucy is her cat!
  • April’s Lady 3 couples in a circle with a waltz rhythm. We were so good at this, we were praised for our performance.👏🏼
  • Lord Howe’s Jig from 1777.
  • Lead through and Cast away, music from P&P vol4.
  • Jump frogs jump, music same CD as above.

And now into June……also recorded by Elfrida.


  • Lord Phoppington a longways dance.
  • Nonesuch 2 danced before & simpler than Nonesuch, hole in the wall crossings, back to backs and plenty of practice crossing up and casting.
  • Doctor Vincent’s delight – 3 couple sets. Charles Bolton composed it and wrote the music, quite speedy but enjoyable, back to backs, circles, gypsies, L and R turns and changing partners!  Took a bit of practice.
  • The Ladies of London – longways dance
  • We will down with the French, 3 couple sets, danced before with added Allemande as a way of changing sides.
  • Whim of the Moment – longways.


  • Nonesuch 2 (see last week). Walsh collection 1709.
  • Roll the Line a longways dance. Another dance for the Birthday event.
  • Zig Zag Tuesday another longways dance. Obviously includes zigzag moves.
  • Giant Steps a 4 couple dance.
  • Rostillion by John and William Neal 1726.

21.06.19 Elfrida and John calling the dances.

  • Trip to Sheringham a 4 couple dance.
  • Namp(t)wich Fair a longways dance.
  • (the) Fair American longways.
  • Go to the Devil and shake yourself, this title always fascinates me, what can be the inspiration?
  • A Fig for Bonaparte longways.
  • The Farmer’s Joy a contemporary dance from 2012.


  • Elverton Grove from the 1712 Walsh collection of 24 dances, music by Handel.
  • The Irish Lamentation another longways dance from a later the Walsh collection 1735.
  • Pilgarlic  (see May)
  • and Roll the Line again, we should be spot on for July!
  • Deodar a longways dance.
  • Holborn March published by Playford 1742. (I almost typed Holborn Hill!)