Joyful June (five dancing Fridays)

By | July 8, 2018

1.06.18 Elfrida recording the dancing today.

Starting with-  Young Phyllis of Wakefield practising cloverleaf turns…

  • Deodar a longways dance
  • Captain’s Maggot a 3 couple dance.
  • Bar a Bar a longways danceinterpreted by Fried de Metz Herman (see 18.05.18)
  • Grimstock 3 couple dance.


  • Hyde Park a square set dance from 1651.
  • Portsmouth longways dance pub. Playford 1701. Music- Portsmouth.  (here’s a fact you can’t live without knowing, this was the signature tune to the Billy Bunter T.V series  oh wayback!
  • Meillionen a 5 couple Welsh traditional dance.
  • Ladies of London a longways dance
  • Namptwich Fair.
  • Dutch House definitely a challenge for those of us left /right challenged.

15.06.18 Elfrida directing todays dancing.

  • Faithful Shepherd a longways dance.
  • The Gloster Reel a longways dance.
  • Rakes of Rochester.
  • Pine Cones a 3 couple Pat Shaw dance.
  • Comical Fellow a firm favourite.
  • Leaving of Liverpool a 3 couple dance.
  • and finally Farmer’s Joy longways.

22.06.18 Elfrida recording the dances today.

  • Ladies of London longways.
  • Summer Waltz another longways dance.
  • Sailor’s Wives 3 couple longways with Chevrons!
  • Brighton Review longways.
  • Mile of Smiles 
  • Whim of the Moment both longways.

29.0618 Double session today as June calling at afternoon Strawberry Dance Upholland.

  • Captain’s Maggot 1696 Playford
  • Grimstock 3 couple dance from 1651
  • Hyde Park.
  • Broom the bonny Broom 4 couple longways. Playford 1651.