Head to Head Conversation

By | October 31, 2015

‘Head to Head’ conversation on Friday 11 December on Bob Cratchitt  –  retired.  This will be between our own Tony Crimlisk and Eric Midwinter, the only surviving founder of the U3A

movement in the UK. 

This special event will be held on Friday 11 December in the Ministry Centre, Christ Church, Aughton between 2.15 and 4.00 p.m.

Tony has already written four musicals, That Terrible U3A; Up for it; Making Waves and Santa’s Secret Summer School. Now he has written the music for the show Bob Cratchitt – retired to be performed on 10, 11 and 12 December by our Musical Theatre Group, but the words have been written by a former colleague who is an important figure in the U3A story.

Eric Midwinter and Tony worked together in Liverpool in the 1960s after which their career paths diverged. Eric had always written – books on social and academic topics; his own personal interests – including cricket and George Formby and various dramatic works. Through the medium of Third Age Matters – the national U3A magazine – Tony appealed for someone to help him to write the words and lyrics for his next show. Eric replied and the two men have collaborated over the performance, now in its final rehearsal phase.

They will meet up for the first time in over 50 years on Friday 11 December, when Eric travels north to see the production at Ormskirk Civic Hall. The ‘Head to Head’ conversation will bring Tony and Eric together to catch up with over 50 years of experiences and reminiscences. How did Bob Cratchitt – retired  come to be written, how did Tony and Eric meet and how did they come together again? What part did Eric play in the founding of U3A and how does he view the growth of the movement?

In the audience will be members of our neighbouring U3As, the Chairman of Third Age Trust, the North West Region Trustee and other members of the National Executive Committee. They hold Eric in high regard and it’s our opportunity to see and hear him tell his story.

After the ‘Head to Head’ there will be time for questions, then tea and cake will be served.

There is no charge but please book in with Judy Ingman or Sue Watkinson at Horizons so we can put out enough chairs, cups and cakes.

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