Yoga 1

Yoga is now a recognised form of exercise and is recommended as a way to relax and keep supple by the medical profession.

Aughton Village Hall (the Acorn Room)
12.45pm – 13.45 pm
  • Teacher:  Craig Sumner
  • Leader: Jean Will - 01695 423952

Yoga includes physical movements and postures, skilled and precise breathing techniques, properly constructed mental concentration and safe and effective relaxation exercises. Each session of Yoga is constructed to contain these elements. Yoga is good for everyone, from the earliest years right through to full maturity and old age. It can be adapted to individual needs.

If you are concerned about whether this is suitable for you, your GP or Practice Nurse are the best people to seek advice from.

There are no vacancies in Yoga 1 at present, but as the waiting list is now very short, please ring if any information is required, or if you would like to add your name to our waiting list. Due to demand, there is now an new, extra, similar course in the offing run by the same teacher and referred to as Yoga 2.

The cost is worked out on the basis of 10 weekly sessions. Unfortunately, we have to pay whether attending all the sessions or not in order to meet expenses. Taster sessions are available at £2.50 – and are advisable for those people that are not sure it is for them. The current price is £18 for 10 sessions.

NB. The only requirement is a Yoga mat that can be purchased quite reasonably.  Loose clothing, such as jogging pants and a T-shirt are the most comfortable clothes to wear. Further advice is available by contacting the Coordinator.