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Do you have a Will?”

Recent research has found that that over half (58%) of adults in the UK don’t have a Will. If you are one of these people without a Will please give consideration to having your will drawn up. Making a will is important if you want to make sure your wishes are followed after your death. There are a number of ways to approach writing a will.

  •      Do a homemade will it is perfectly legal provided your signature is witnessed by two people.
  •      Use a will template you purchase from a stationery shop.
  •      Use a Will Writing Service.
  •      Use a solicitor.

The important thing is to ensure that your will is correctly prepared and you may feel using a solicitor is the safest method to use, but do get quotations as charges can vary significantly.

Protecting your assets

In recent weeks an advertising leaflet has been circulated by post advertising a seminar on how to ptrotect your assets. The seminar is organised by a group called Universal Wealth Preservation.  Earlier this year we advised anyone thinking of attending one of these seminars to first read what the BBC says about its care home fees plan. You can view the BBC site at As with any financial dealings you should take care and always seek independent advice.

Car Hire Abroad – excess insurance
If you hire a car abroad you will be offered “excess insurance” by the hirer to cover you for any damage to the car. This insurance can be very expensive if purchased from the car hire company so why not purchase “excess insurance” in the UK at a fraction of the cost. An annual policy purchased in the UK can cost approximately £40 and in many cases cover is provided at this cost up to the age of 85 years of age.

You can compare quotes for “excess insurance” at the Internet comparison site Moneymaxim which lists and compares lots of “excess insurance” providers.

All the insurance providers Moneymaxim lists are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) guarantee, a Government scheme which protects your money if a firm goes bust.

Warning! If you take excess insurance with a standalone provider, instead of the car hire firm, you’ll need room on your credit card for a refundable deposit when you pick the car up.

Disabled Railcard
If you have a hearing aid then you can purchase a disabled railcard costing £20 for a year entitling you to 1/3 off most rail fares across Britain. To obtain the railcard you must meet one of the following criteria.

  • Receive disability-related benefits, including Personal Independence Payments
  • Are registered as deaf or use a hearing aid
  • Are registered as visually impaired
  • Have epilepsy

Full details of the conditions of purchase can be found at the disabled persons railcard website.

Reduced Gas & Electricity Costs
Have you checked recently that your Gas and Electricity supplier is offering you a good deal, as you may be able to save money by changing supplier. One way to change your supplier is through a Collective Switching company, one such company is “Big Community Switch” who are currently asking people to register for details of a new switching deal they are negotiating. You need to visit their website at: and register your interest. You are not committing yourself by registering and have no need to accept the deal they offer, but you will at least be able to compare their costs with your present energy costs.

If you wish to have more details of the collecting switching arrangements you should view the following website:

Rail Fares
It is often cheaper to buy split tickets when making a train journey. Instead of buying tickets for the whole journey, bizarrely, buying tickets for its constituent parts separately can slash the price – even though you’re travelling on exactly the same train. This is allowed within the National Rail Conditions of Carriage. The only rule is that the train must call at the stations you buy tickets for.
If you had a rail card these prices would be a 1/3 cheaper.

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