Golf – 9 Hole Courses

Details of games at local 9-hole golf courses and the ‘Cheap and Cheerful’ fixtures.

Various - See tables
9 hole courses - the last Friday of the month; 'Cheap & Cheerful' fixtures vary
Usually 10.00 am for a 10.30 start, but check below - details will be emailed to mailing list.
  • Les Fillis - 01704 840959

9 Hole Courses



 23 February


 23 March

 Yarrow Valley

 27 April

 Porter’s Wood (3 clubs & putter)

 25 May

 Poulton Park

 29 June

 Leisure Lakes (Texas Scramble)


 Alder Root

 31 August

 Yarrow Valley (Bingo, Bango, Bongo)

 28 September

 Kirkby Valley

 26 October


Cheap & Cheerful



 Monday 9 April


 Monday 14 May


 Monday 4 June


 Wednesday 4 July

 Arrowe Park

 Wednesday 9 August

 Sherdley Park


 T. B. A.

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