Computer Tutorials

We hold tutorials or workshops on a variety of computer-related topics.

Scout & Guide HQ
1st Tuesday of the month
2.00 pm

Computer Tutorials are open to all U3A members. For some   tutorials, members may find it useful to bring along their own laptops or tablets and use these to work through the topic with the presenter if they wish.

Past topics have included Picasa, WordPress, Facebook, Linux, setting up a home network, YouTube, Windows operating systems, organising your files, getting more from your iPad, smartphones, eBay, computer security, ebooks, among many more. Suggestions for new topics are always welcome. Offers to present a topic even more welcome.

Next Computer Tutorials

November 6th            Mapping and Navigation Software on Smart Phones    Barry Carr\Willem Wiechers

This session is for complete novices.

  • What are computer mapping and navigation apps?
  • What do they do?
  • Do I need them?

We will answer all these questions using 3 popular examples that can be used on both Android phones, and Apple phones.

December 4th            Christmas Fun                                                                 The Team

We also hold Computer Advice sessions on a Monday & Tuesday.

Some of our previous tutorials

Google Presentation by Jack Brettle, December 2016

Fascinating Things To Do with a Raspberry Pi by Phil Davidson, May 2016

Free Your Computer with Linux by Maurice George, April 2016

Malware & Virus Protection  by Willem Wiechers, March 2015

YouTube presentation  by Margaret Wiechers, Oct 2014

Other tutorials

Home and Learn’s free computer courses and tutorials. All the courses are aimed at complete beginners, so you don’t need experience to get started.

For more information please contact the Leader.