Aerobics Lite 2

This exercise class is a step up from Aerobics Lite 1. It will help to improve your mobility, flexibility and strength.

Christ Church Ministry Centre
11.10 - 11.55
  • Instructor: Nicky Garforth - 07916 142992
  • Coordinator:  Pat Harwood - 01695 578 264 or 07501 925 388

Class consists of warm up exercises followed by a 14 x 1 minute circuit exercising all the muscle groups plus use of some equipment (weights, bands etc). All exercises have various levels of difficulty so that participants are able to choose which is best suited to them. The class is a mixture of standing and seated exercises.

Sessions have been suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions

There are vacancies so please come along for a free class, chat to Nicky about any mobility issues before deciding whether to sign up.

Cost: £30 for a course of 10 sessions.

Please contact the Coordinator if you need further information.