Five sessions of August country dancing.

By | September 25, 2018

I looked for a holiday theme in our dances this month, and found a few:- Sea Breezes, and The Brighton Review seemed the most obvious.

3.08.18 Some of Wendy’s Birthday requests.

  • Newcastle a 4 couple square set traditional dance 1651, which we danced twice.
  • The Slof Galliard a Pat Shaw 4 couple longways dance 1975. A challenge but we rose to the occasion, twice.
  • Nonesuch another traditional dance 1651 Playford, 4 couple longways, also twice.
  • Heidenroslein another Pat Shaw 4 couple square set dance, waltz time.


  • Black Bess Playford 1696 longways.
  • Sea Breezes (3rd. version, June Jones choreography.) 3 couple dance.
  • Sion House Playford 1701, longways dance.
  • Mile of Smiles a Joseph Pimentel contemporary longways dance.
  • The Brighton Review a longways dance.


  • The Siege of Limerick Playford 1698 longways dance.
  • Meillion, a 5 couple Welsh country dance, with clapping.
  • Fittleworth Frolic a 5 couple circular dance.
  • Of noble race was Shinkin another great title but what does it mean? Playford 1698, music from The Beggars Opera.

24.08.18. Elfrida is calling today’s dances.

  • The 1st. of April (well we had April showers!) Longways dance 1773 published by Thompson.
  • Wibsey Roundabout a 5 couple Gary Roodman 1995 circular dance. Our mechanics were a little rusty today!
  • Birthday Reel a 4 couple dance x2.
  • Portsmouth longways dance.
  • (The) Jackdaw a 4 couple Scottish dance.
  • The Comical Fellow a longtime favourite, pub. Thompson 1776.
  • The Farmer’s Joy a Joseph Pimentel dance 2012.


  • Zig Zag Tuesday a longways dance.
  • St. Swithin’s hornpipe a 2 couple dance.
  • The New Exchange a 3 couple dance.
  • Dunant House another 3 couple dance.
  • Namptwich Fair a longways dance.