Dementia Awareness Day

By | August 28, 2017

Thursday 21 September is national Dementia Awareness Day.  Our U3A is hoping to become a dementia friendly organisation.  Our first step was to invite a representative of the Alzheimer’s Society to be our Guest at Horizons.  Our second step is to acknowledge the national day by asking members who have experience of anyone living with dementia to share a wish:

“It would really help if ………… “.

This can be done at Horizons by writing the wish on a paper leaf and pinning it to a paper tree.  The wishes will be shared with the local community organisation.  Or contact Pete Trigwell or Sue Watkinson (see Committee page of our U3A magazine) and talk to them about it.

Similar activities will be taking place in Ormskirk as the Borough takes the first steps to becoming a dementia friendly community.

Sue Watkinson