Dancing in July

By | August 2, 2022

8.07.22 A couple of Birthdays to celebrate. First six dances are Wendy’s excellent choices.

  • Upon a Summer’s Day a 3 couple dance.
  • Liberty also 3 for couples.
  • Black Nag 3 couple dance.
  • Jackdaw a 4 couple dance
  • the Prince of Wales Fancy a 4 couple dance.
  • Leah’s Waltz a 3 couple dance but not danced to the Ashokan Farewell tune which we did last month.
  • Leaving of Liverpool a 3 couple dance.

15.07.22 Elfrida calling the dances today.

  • Turning by threes no prizes for guessing  that this is a dance for 3 couples. Choreographed in 2003 by one of our favourites Gary Roodman
  • Ye will down with the French another 3 couple dance.
  • Leaving of Liverpool also for 3 couples.
  • Robert’s Reel and
  • Upon a Summer’s day both 3 couple dances

22.07.22 some more of Wendy’s birthday choices.

  • the Comical Fellow a longways dance from Thompson 1776. We have a few more dancers this week so can do some longways dances.
  • The Waterfall Waltz a Pat Shaw 1996 dance (adapted for 10 dancers to a longways dance.)
  • Trip to Sheringham a 4 couple dance, danced in square formation.
  • The Drummer, this always feels like a contemporary dance but is in fact from Thompson 1757 but reconstructed in 1992
  • The Rakes of Rochester a longways dance from 1748.
  • Solitaire also a longways dance.

Only three dance sessions this month but lots of lovely dances.

We continue dancing during August so why not come along and join us.

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