Dancing in August

By | August 2, 2016

We do not have a holiday break from Country dancing so if you are at a loose end on a Friday morning at 11.00, now is your chance to try our country dancing group. You would be most welcome.

We have had an enjoyable few months dancing many new and familiar dances.

In MAY we joined the Parbold & Upholland U3A for a Tea Dance with live music and June calling, they kindly laid on an excellent afternoon tea which was delicious, however June made sure we all had plenty of dancing before hand. Many thanks to all who contributed to this event.

On the 6th May we danced

Morrison’s Reel, Whibsy Roundabout, Peace be with you and Jenny Plucked pears.

on 13th we danced Carla’s Waltz, Dunant House, Jenny Plucked pears again, a 3 couple dance Playford style 1651. Fandango 1774, very lively .

on 20th Merry Andrew, The Old Mole 1651, Newsham Review, St Andrew’s gardens.

June is trying to improve our Dancing Technique.

  • Eye contact is characteristic of English Country Dancing and can be used to convey instruction, direction or traditionally, admiration, when there was little opportunity for conveying this.
  • The Pousette, in this figure it creates a beautiful line if each couple observes their neighbouring dancers, pausing and acknowledging them as they complete the figure. see www.fainmusic.co.uk
  • The Star, (or cross hands) it is important when taking the hand of the opposite dancer to create some tension or mutual resistance, this enables “the star” to move round with speed and ease.

on the following week we danced St Andrew’s gardens again, sometimes we repeat dances either to improve on the previous session or just because we like them! The Belle of Amherst a Gary Roodman dance. Two waltz’s Wednesday waltz and Leahs then Leamington Dance.

into JUNE Leamington Dance again, Knives and Forks 1726 an Irish dance in triple time, on You Tube (not us)

Fandango 1774 see www.dancevideos.childgrove.org Kensington Court one of the oldest published dances 1695.

on 10th we danced Oxford Circus a contemporary dance 1992 by Colin Hulme. Peace be with you 1986 a Fried de Metz Herman dance.

Conway Castle, Portabella and Gloucester Reel completed the session.

on 17th we danced Kensington Court again, Turning by Three’s a 3 couple Gary Roodman dance. We always enjoy his dances, they are all so very clever and different. Shrewsbury lasses, Pine cones by Pat Shaw. Finally Golden Dreams.

on 24th The Rakes of Rochester 1748, Whibsey Roundabout another Gary Roodman! Conway Castle, Fandango and Peace be with you all recently enjoyed. Ending with Lord Byron’s Maggot.

Into JULY when Wendy & Geraldine held the fort!

on 8th His Royal Highness Prince of Wales Favourite (who?). Hot off the press! Greenbank Park, a June Jones World Premiere a 3 couple dance. Back to 1781 with New Rigged Ship from the Yorktown collection. Then a challenge Grimstock with lots of “Heys”.

Elfrida recorded the next 2 sessions

  • A Fair Crossing -square set
  • Slof Galliard
  • Gray’s Inn Maske
  • 2 couple sets from a Hornpipe, currently no name ( June’s composition) with a step-hop rhythm which was enjoyed so much they did it 3 times! June’s Joy was a title suggested from the dancers.
  • Bonny Cuckoo was the final dance.

the 22nd.

  • Doldrum a 4 couple set,
  • Queens Jig longways
  • St. James Park
  • Devil “tak” the war, 1772 a lament for all the men taken by War.
  • Pilgaric 18th Century.
    A Summer Lunch followed at the Stanley Arms.

Our last session in July

Portabella was tried again twice and we almost perfected it!
The Introduction a contemporary dance by Fried de Metz Herman
The Rotunda, as might be guessed a circular dance.
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