English Medieval Cathedrals 2021 series

As you know, from looking at the 2020 programme, things did not go as planned last season.  At present (3rd February 2021) it is still impossible to say when meetings in the usual venue will be able to resume.  As soon as there is any clear news of when we can resume, there will be a notification via… Read More »

St Alban’s Cathedral, Hertfordshire

The Cathedral Church of Saint Alban, Saint Alban’s, Hertfordshire, 23 November 2021 Although we are not currently meeting for talks by the three Peters, we can see a taster of what is to come once lock-down is over. In 731, the Venerable Bede had this to say: ‘A beautiful church worthy of Alban’s martyrdom was built, where sick… Read More »

English Medieval Cathedrals – 2019 series

English Medieval Cathedrals of the South West A series of six indoor meetings, looking at ‘Cathedrals of the south-western parts of England’ + two coach trips (not to SW England!). . 22 January – a talk about Winchester Cathedral Timeline 26 February – a talk about Salisbury Cathedral Timeline 26 March – a visit to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral… Read More »

English Medieval Cathedrals – 2016-17 series

English Medieval Cathedrals in the North and Midlands Speakers: Peter Goodrich, Peter Gateley and Peter Hatfield English medieval cathedrals are widely admired both at home and abroad as both architectural masterpieces and touchstones of English History. Their stylistic diversity is remarkable reflecting their longevity and origins. Some cathedrals are descendants of former abbeys, others purpose built as cathedrals,… Read More »