Science during Lockdown

We didn’t let Coronavirus shut us down completely! Though we weren’t able to have visiting speakers or arrange visits, we continued to tease you with some armchair science: links to interesting science articles or lectures science quizzes science question and answer system online science discussion To see what we mean, head over to the “Science during Lockdown” page.… Read More »

Christmas Cheer

Wednesday 4th December 2019 On the 4th December we had our traditional Christmas Cheer event which started with short talks on the theme of the deep mid-winter: the effects of freezing, when is it actually winter?, the effect of day length on plants and a new slant on the birds of the twelve days of Christmas; plus a… Read More »

The Great Twin Ponds Project

Wednesday 6th March 2019 Many Lancashire farms have a pond at their field boundaries or in a quiet corner; these are often overgrown and neglected.  Helen Greaves came to tell the Science Group how these lifeless ponds may be restored to health in partnership with local farmers to improve biodiversity and aid wildlife conservation.  Helen is a great… Read More »