Film Appreciation Returns

The first film of the new season will take place on 25th October in the Scout & Guide HQ in the small room. The film is ‘Revolutionary Road’ with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. For more details please consult the Film Appreciation Group Page. The film will start at 10.00am preceded by coffee. Please feel free to bring… Read More »

Creative Writing Vacancies

This is in the main a discussion group, so numbers are limited, but we now have a small number of vacancies. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Joan Potter on 0151 924 6027.

Ukulele Group Plays Again

The Ukulele Group has now restarted! If you fancy joining, then just contact Tony Crimlisk on 01695 421602 for further information.  Beginners are most welcome too, even if you can only play a few chords. If you don’t yet have a Ukulele, then come along and sing with us anyway to see what fun it is and also… Read More »

Music Appreciation Restart

A reminder from Leader, David Sunderland: The Music Appreciation Group will restart on Tuesday 28th September 2-4 pm in the small room at Scout & Guide HQ. Depending on numbers, the presentation will be on Humour in Music or British Light Classical Music ( if numbers are low). Tea/Coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Social Events

Whilst our u3a provides many opportunities for learning, we also have a vibrant social dimension to our activities. They bring together people from across a wide range of special interests,  in a convivial atmosphere, simply to enjoy themselves. These excellent events are mostly organised by the Social Subcommittee. There is usually a member of this subcommittee at the… Read More »

EGM – 11th October at 1pm

In case you missed reading about it in an email dated 6 September 2021 and sent to all members with email addresses on  Beacon,  here is a special  Message from the Secretary about an Extraordinary General Meeting in October: Dear Member, Due to the Annual General Meeting held on 26.08.21 not being quorate, any votes taken were indicative only.  It is,… Read More »

Gardening Help

Help is needed to run the Gardening Group.  Please contact Pam Higgins on 0151 364 0041. In the meantime, restart has been to defered  till New Year.

Opera Appreciation Restart

The Opera Appreciation Group plans to return on Wednesday 15 September at 1pm at the Scout & Guide HQ  with Puccini’s La Fanciulla del West.

Local History Return

The Local History Group is returning to their indoor meetings at the Scout  & Guide HQ on Tuesday 5th October – 2pm for a 2 15pm start. The topic is “Census and Sensibility”.  A light hearted look at Local History census returns 1841-1911.

Calling All Ten Pin Bowlers

You may have played years ago – why not give it another go? We are very short of members at the moment and we’d love to see new members joining us. It is only once a month! And it is great FUN!!! For full details, please visit our Bowls – Tenpin Group Page on the u3a website.

Friday Pilates Returns

A reminder from Leader Pam Ruscoe to members of her class: The Friday Pilates Group begins this Friday 23rd July at 12.15pm until 1.15pm at the Scout & Guide HQ. The Tuesday class has already recommenced.

A Brief Brush with History

The sun was very hot, as usual, and my dress was long and with full sleeves due to the local custom. I couldn’t wear trousers of course as these were seen as the sign of a woman of ill repute…

Vacant slots at the S&G HQ

This is a list of vacant slots at the S&G HQ during the period up to September 2021. If a Group Leader wishes to book a slot, the best way is to email Group Support. Please note that established lunchtime activities mean that: Morning sessions in the large hall on Monday, Tuesday and Friday must finish by 11:45.… Read More »

Message From Your Retiring Science Group Management Team

We wrote to all Science Group members towards the end of March to advise that the existing Science Group leaders would be retiring and the group would need new leaders to continue. Thank you to all who replied, many with very complimentary messages, for which we are truly grateful. We ourselves have greatly enjoyed our 12-year tenure in… Read More »

Members’ Stories

We are very fortunate, this year, to be treated to a series of tales written by members following an initiative from Sue Watkinson, Trustee and  member of Communications Subcommittee. Here are the initial examples, already published in one of the monthly enews of 2021. A day I will never forget by David Wotherspoon:  A loyal football fan enjoys… Read More »

A Mystery Monolith

Mystery monolith in sand dunes near Hightown! The photo is of our son, Michael Ingman, next to the monolith that appeared mid January in Hightown Dunes. The first monolith was discovered in the Utah Desert mid November 2020 after being seen by a pilot from a small plane. It then disappeared with no trace after a few weeks.… Read More »

Request from Edge Hill University for Help with Research Project

We have been contacted by researchers in the psychology department at Edge Hill University requesting help with a project to examine the influence of cognitive and social factors on memory for events.  They are currently recruiting older adults for this study.  More details are given below: Participants should be fluent in English and aged between 65-80 years old… Read More »

The Census is coming! 

“Why do I have to complete the census? What information do they want? Is it used for more than just family history research?”
To find out, join this Aughton & Ormskirk u3a Zoom session.

Diana’s Funeral

Diana’s Funeral by Margaret Kitchen Journalists go out on assignments with the intention of observing, questioning and reporting. We don’t go with the idea of expressing our personal opinions. So when, the day before Princess Diana’s funeral, I was boarding the London bound train, I was ambushed by a local TV company asking for my views, I was… Read More »

Signs of Spring

Since entering social isolation started early last year, we have covered the times and seasons in various website ‘galleries’ filling them with items sent in by our talented members. The first lockdown started in March 2020, so we missed late Winter and early Spring. This new Gallery, on the theme of  ‘Signs of Spring’ aims to fill that… Read More »

A day I will never forget

U3A member David Wotherspoon had “a day I will never forget” when Marine, the Crosby team he has followed for over 70 years, took on Tottenham Hotspur in the 3rd round of the FA Cup on January 10th this year. The team lost 0-5 but that was hardly surprising, says David, as Spurs had nine full internationals in… Read More »

January 2021 enews

The latest enews was sent out by the enews Editor to all members with an email address on Monday 25 January. If you are not receiving your monthly enews, check your Spam folder. If not there, check with the Membership Team that they have your correct details on record If you have missed an enews deadline (noon on… Read More »

Change to u3a Membership Year 

An imortant message from Aughton & Ormskirk u3a Treasurer, Derrick Fewings: In case you missed the article in the December 2020 mini-magazine, please note that the next membership year will now commence on 1st October 2021 and that no membership renewal payment is required in advance of that date. The annual membership subscription will remain at £15. Future membership… Read More »

Planet Earth: A User’s Guide

The 2020 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures featured three eminent scientists from different fields presenting a unique ‘user’s guide’ to Planet Earth. Their programmes unravelled astonishing global systems and remarkable natural wonders that combine to keep life on Earth alive. And they explored how human activity has become an overwhelming geological force – disrupting the finely tuned systems that… Read More »

Christmas Card Gallery

A huge Thank You to all members who have contributed to this festive webpage. It has now expanded from the original idea of a gallery of  ‘Christmas Cards’ to include seasonal short stories (and a poem) and some relevant links to the National u3a website.  Read on!

Christmas Card Gallery Guidelines

At an Autumn Zoom meeting of the Communications Subcommittee, a suggestion came up of publishing a u3a Christmas Card Gallery on the website. If that idea appeals to you, please do get creative and produce a ‘Christmas Card’ using your talents and skills in painting, drawing, cartooning, textiles and other crafts, hand-made cards etc. Then just send a… Read More »

Covid-19 advice on u3a activities

Following the introduction of government restrictions, the National U3A has published some Covid-19 advice on u3a activities. You can also read messages from our Chairman Alan Starkie and Trustee Sue Watkinson about what our u3a is doing in the meantime. Of course, any restarting of activities in the foreseeable future will involve assessment of risk and acceptance of… Read More »

Message from the Chairman

U3A ACTIVITIES  – From your Chairman, Alan Starkie You do not need me to tell you about the restrictions that have been placed upon us during the Covid pandemic. The restrictions have also put a halt to our normal U3A activities, which we have all previously enjoyed. Your Committee and Trustees have, over the last six months, endeavoured… Read More »

West Lancs in Autumn

Following a request in the September enews, members have sent us a great selection of fine photos taken in their gardens and on local walks. Many, many thanks to all contributors. Now, to set the scene, here is a timely poem from our resident poet, Judy Ingman. Autumn Summer’s ended. Now it’s Autumn’s call Leaves unlinking, feathering to… Read More »

Short Story Winners

Here are the winners of the Short Story Competition organised in 2020 by the Creative Writing Group.  Click or tap on the links below for a good read! Winner: The Mojave Flute Player – by Mike Briggs Highly Commended: Breath – by Ann Henders Highly Commended: Last Memory – by Sue Watkinson Highly Commended: The Man In The Smiling… Read More »

Schedule for September enews

The August enews has now been emailed out to all current members of Aughton & Ormskirk U3A on Monday 31st August.  Unfortunately, if your membership has lapsed or you do not have an email address on the Beacon Membership System, you will not receive these monthly missives. Contact the Membership Team for advice on updating your record on this system.… Read More »

Message from the Management Committee

ACTIVITIES BASED IN HIRED PREMISES     –    MINIMISING THE RISK Prior to hiring rooms, the Premises providers will have certified that the premises are classed as ‘Covid-19 Secure’. The Premises providers will have provided a risk assessment confirming the steps taken to minimise the risk of transfer of Covid-19. However, while some of the actions are on the provider… Read More »

Message from the Chairman – August 2020

Many of you will be aware that a survey of Group Leaders and approx. three hundred members chosen at random has taken place. This was undertaken to give the Committee an indication of member’s feelings with when our U3A activities should continue. The dates of 1st September, 1st October and 1st January 2021 were used as a time… Read More »

Shine a Light on Beacon

Still in the dark about the  U3A Beacon Membership System?  Then let the Membership Team enlighten you. For example, among other things: existing members can renew membership online members can update their own personal details on the Beacon database (useful if you change your email address and still want to receive the enews and Management Committee communications) group… Read More »

Gardening Group Gallery

Thanks to the U3A  Gardening Group  members (and a couple of other enthusiasts) that sent in photos of their gardens taken during the lockdown summer of 2020, the Web Team have created this interesting and colourful gallery.

Chairman’s message about re-opening

Many members are asking questions about re-opening our U3A. The Management Committee has been actively discussing the situation and examining the latest Government rules. You can read the Chairman’s statement (sent to members in a special Beacon email on 3rd July) about the steps we are taking to ensure a safe continuation of our activities. MESSAGE FROM THE… Read More »

Lockdown Gardening Newsletters

During this time of various levels of social distancing,  Gardening Group has been sending out excellent newsletters to the regular members of the group via email.

2020 AGM

Due to ongoing restrictions on our activity, the 2020 AGM of the Aughton & Ormskirk U3A, scheduled for 21 May, was postponed. You will be advised of a revised date in a future update. As per established practice, you will be invited to propose agenda items for that rescheduled AGM. If appropriate, we will also advise you of… Read More »

Poems for Lockdown

This Post was the response to a request for poems from the Web Team, in early May 2020 (during the coronavirus lockdown),  for members to read on our U3A Website.  The result below is an eclectic mix penned by known poets and by our own talented U3A members. Many, many thanks to all contributors. Please note – This… Read More »

Our u3a in Times of Social Isolation

Check out our website News page and the Coloured Alert Box and Sidebar Links on the Front  Page for ideas on how we can all keep in touch and active during these unusual times. Please send your own ideas and activities that might be of help and interest to other members, and the community at large, for inclusion… Read More »

Latin in Lockdown

Leader of the Latin & the Roman World Group, Dennis Morley,  has sent the Web Team the following example of their activities during Lockdown.  The Group is certainly being kept busy. Lockdown for the Latin Group means just a change of method, as the group have continued their course without interruption. Although “red ink” assessments are not used,… Read More »

Play Ukulele!

Tony Crimlisk, Leader of the Ukulele Group has sent in the following message and kind offer: In isolation? Now’s your chance to learn a new skill. Why not beg, borrow or steal a ukulele and have a go? This is just a brief introduction to show how easy it is to start. To get underway, download these instructions… Read More »

TAT Advice and Info

The Third Age Trust (TAT) currently issues regular bulletins to members. Please check the TAT website regularly and, if you have not already done so, sign up to their national U3A Newsletter which disseminates advice and information quickly to all U3A members. On a rainy day, stuck in the house  during this lockdown, you might also like to pass… Read More »

Message from the Chairman

Greetings. I hope you’re all coping with this period of social distancing. The latest edition of the magazine is winging its way to you. Expect your Postman to drop it through your letterbox in the next few days. This would not be happening if it were not for the great joint effort from the Communications Subcommittee and the… Read More »

Your u3a Magazine

If  you have not yet received your u3a Magazine through the Post, please email: Bill Evans, the u3a Magazine Editor, has written a very interesting article about how your u3a Magazine is printed and also, for this March issue, ‘why’ it was printed: Usually, this is the ‘timeline’ of the u3a magazine: I work on it for… Read More »

U3A Activity Suspension

To all Members, Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the Committee and Trustees of Aughton & Ormskirk U3A have taken the decision to suspend all group activities and Horizons at all U3A sites as from midday, 17.03.2020. According to Government information, the isolation policy for the over 70’s could last for several months.  We will make every effort… Read More »

Message from your Treasurer

Revised Message from your Treasurer: Due to the Corona virus, the request for money to be deposited with the Finance team before the end of the financial year (31st March) is set aside. Please hold on to the money and deposit until the suspension of the U3A is lifted. If a significant amount of money is held and… Read More »

Dyes and Pigments

Wednesday 4th March 2020 Ever wondered how clothes, furnishings, home decorations, cars etc. get their colour?  Our own Marguerita McBride gave us a wide ranging talk, with illustrations from history about dyes and pigments, and more recent details of their chemistry, how they are used and how they get their colour.

U3A National Newsletter

The Management Committee  and Trustees think it would be a good idea to pass on this message from the National Office regarding the U3A National Newsletter to the membership to help keep them in touch. The National Newsletter is crucial in reaching out to members as we have no direct contact with them. During this period we would… Read More »

Health and Wellbeing Talks

 Talks CANCELLED till further notice Member Julia Bate is organising a series of talks on matters relating to health and wellbeing over the coming months.  Julia says: The next date for your diary is 18th March at 3pm in the Cinema Room in the Christ Church Ministry Centre when Dr Dennis Wat, Respiratory Consultant at Liverpool Heart and… Read More »

Gems in the Dunes

Wednesday 5th February 2020 Fiona Sunners is the project manager of “Gems in the Dunes“,  a Heritage Lottery funded project focused on protecting the plants and animals of the Sefton Sand  Dunes, an important habitat for rare amphibians and reptile species. Fiona talked about the efforts to preserve the natural habitats of this local environment for the rare… Read More »

Open Forum

The Open Forum, held on 23rd January, 2020, was interesting and several points and questions were put forward by members.  Alan Starkie., our Chairman, opened the Forum reminding members that the U3A is all about its members.  Also that the National office have now opted not to use the word ‘university’ but simply call ourselves U3A.  National U3A… Read More »

Attrial Fibrillation

 Wednesday 6th November 2019 The full title of the talk was “The global stroke tsunami related to an irregular heart rhythm: A focus on atrial fibrillation” – which really says it all.  Atrial fibrillation is a heart condition which affects 7 in 100 of over 65s and we were lucky to hear all about it from two experts… Read More »

Age Related Macular Degeneration

We were due to have a talk on “Age Related Macular Degeneration: Causes and Future Treatments” in September but this had to be cancelled because the speaker, Dr.  Simon Clark, had to go to Germany at short notice but hoped to give us his talk a few weeks later.  However the visit to Germany was very productive in… Read More »

Nuclear Weapons

Wednesday 2nd Oct 2019 Nuclear war is perhaps something not thought about as much as it should be nowadays but was an important topic when we were younger.  Edmund Moynihan gave us a sobering account of the early development of these weapons, the science and technology behind them and the possible results of their use.  A talk which… Read More »

enews Reminder

Items for the enews should be sent by NOON on the last Monday in the month for publication soon after.  Please send enews items to: or use the contact form on the web contact page selecting enews Editor from the drop-down list. Note that if you want the same information to be published in the Magazine, facebook… Read More »

Are Digital Games All Bad?

Wednesday 3rd July 2019 Older people (us?) often have strong views on digital games, social media, emojis, mobile phones etc. particularly their use by younger people (grandchildren?).  Are these views well founded?   Dr. Linda Kaye, a Edge Hill University psychologist, specialising in understanding the social effects of digital media (a cyberpsychologist no less), came to give us some… Read More »

2019 AGM: Honorary Secretary’s Report

Time passes so quickly it is hard to believe that I am now coming to the end of my tenure, having been a Trustee for four years and it was three years ago that I was elected as Honorary Secretary. There have been some ­interest­ing, challenging times, but some happy ones too. The year started in June 2018… Read More »

Novel Digital Healthcare

Wednesday 5th June 2019 We had a return visit by the NHS North West Innovation Agency with presentations and demonstrations of novel healthcare products. organised by the NHS North West Innovation Agency who are tasked with making the NHS better, safer, faster and more cost effective by introducing new healthcare devices, often for personal use.  We had demonstrations… Read More »

Visit to Heysham Nuclear Power Station

Wednesday 15th May 2019 On the 15th May 37 of us set off to Heysham to visit the nuclear power station.  After a tour of the displays at the visitor centre, a talk on nuclear power generation and a safety and security briefing we were kitted out with our high vis jackets, safety spectacles, hard hats, ear defenders… Read More »

Solar Energy: Its Journey from the Sun to Your Kettle.

Wednesday 1st May 2019 Professor George King, Manchester University physics department,  explained how solar energy from its birth in the sun through its journey to earth can be harnessed and how we can store this solar energy when the sun isn’t shining.  We had everything from atomic physics to the economics of different forms of renewable energy generation. … Read More »

What is Science and How do we Use it?

Wednesday 3rd April 2019 – What is Science and How do we Use it? In April our own Professor Bill Hale discussed the topic of “what is science” based on his work with government and academic research councils and involvement with many research laboratories.  With a wide range of examples, and a number of the more amusing aspects… Read More »

Finance & Resources Subcommittee

The Finance & Resources Subcom­mit­tee (F&R) meets several times a year, usually a week before the Management Committee (MC). Subcommittee members are: John Tomlinson (F&R Chair, MC Chair and Assistant Treasurer),  Derrick Fewings (MC Treasurer), Iain Smart, Sally Kirby, David Blanchflower, Allan Houghton Responsibilities include: Its main business is to consider applications from Group Leaders and others to provide funding… Read More »

The Mechanics of Walking

Wednesday 6th February 2019 Our speaker on 6th February was Dr. Kris D’Aout, a lecturer in musculo-skeletal biology at the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease, Liverpool University.  He studies the mechanics of walking on complex surfaces, the effect of footwear and how gait is affected during healthy ageing as well as in disease.  His talk proved very… Read More »

Meet the Fire & Rescue Service

A message from Sue Watkinson about a Guest Visitor  that she has organised. Our Guests at Horizons on Thursday 7th March will be two representatives of the Fire & Rescue Service.  They will bring along their literature and talk to individual members about safety in the home and what services they can offer to the retired population of… Read More »

Introducing our new Speaker Secretary

We have been very fortunate in having an excellent series  of Speaker Meetings of recent years organised by Sue Watkinson and her Team. For a resume of past Speaker Meetings, please see: Speaker Meetings Past Speaker Meetings Sue has now retired from this important and valued role and member, Pam Ball, has kindly stepped forward to take over. … Read More »

Magazine, enews, Website and Facebook Publicity “Deadlines”

Do you need to publicise a U3A event or activity? Here are the deadlines for advertising in the various publications: Quarterly Magazine copy for next magazine: deadline as publicised in latest magazine Monthly enews deadline for enews items: NOON on the last Monday of the month U3A Website Group and other News and Events, Photos etc:  Anytime U3A Facebook… Read More »

Christmas Party 2018

German Conversation Group Christmas Party 2018 On Nov. 28th Christmas came early to U3A’s German Conversation group. The final class of 2018 was organised around a theme of “Christmas in Germany” and to add to the occasion, spouses and partners had been invited to join us. The group was greeted cheerfully with glasses of warm “Glühwein” and “Häppchen”-… Read More »

Christmas Cheer with the Science Group

Wednesday 5th December 2018 We had our traditional Science Group Christmas Cheer event with quizzes and refreshments of Christmas cake, mince pies and a variety of nibbles, biscuits and chocolates.  Proceedings got off to a great start with Patsy’s famous mulled wine which helped everyone’s confidence in doing the quizzes if not their success!  We started with a… Read More »


Our Autumn 2018 Production The last production was ‘Staycation’ at the Civic Hall Friday November 16 – Commencing – 19.30 Saturday November 17 – Matinee commencing – 14.00 Saturday November 17 – Commencing –  19.30 This is a Musical Comedy written and directed by our very own Gill O’Flaherty. The Synopsis:  A group of U3A members, who always travel… Read More »

Up for it!

Our Spring 2018 Production Our next production will be an adaptation by John Hardiker of Tony Crimlisk’s highly acclaimed “Up for It”. At the Civic Hall on the 3rd, 4th and 5th May 2018. commencing 7.30 p.m. £7 for U3A members up to the 24th April thereafter £8  …Children £5   This is a great musical comedy first… Read More »

Musical Memories

Our 2017 Production “We Got Life ” directed by our very own Gill O’Flaherty at the Civic Hall – May 4th, 5th 2017. Gill’s synopsis for her show is as follows:- We Got Life is a generic story located internationally, told in song and dance. Beginnings, hope, reality, oppression, despair, dreams, inspiration, protest, revolution, escape, happiness, fulfillment and… Read More »