A review of “The Persephone Affair”

By | November 13, 2015

Drama Group – Whodunnit?

It was ‘all aboard’ the S S Persephone when the Drama Group presented ‘The Persephone Affair’ – a murder mystery – in Aughton Village Hall, which was attended on Saturday evening by the play’s author Kevin Green.

The Hall was transformed for the evening into the liner’s first class lounge thus ensuring that the audience felt part of the plot.

All the actors fully immersed themselves in their parts, taking on wonderfully the character being played. It was revealed through the course of the play that each one of them was in financial straits. A touch of humour was supplied every time the Steward appeared when the ship seemed to roll. This was achieved by a superbly choreographed swaying by all the actors who were on the stage.

When Lady Daphne met an untimely end it was apparent that each one of them had a motive and was a suspect. Miss Marbles, an amateur sleuth, announced that the death was ‘murder by poisoning’. As she led the suspects away, the audience was left to contemplate the means, motive and opportunity for the murder, over an excellent supper.

We all left the hall having had a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening.

Sally Bahia

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